It's NEW... and
 Carpet Cleaning


The Cleaner Images OLM (Orbital Low Moisture) cleaning system is a NEW, one of a kind system featuring a Unique Orbital, Oscillating Cleaning Machine called the Conqueror and our revolutionary NEW & SAFE cleaning agent called VacAway.

First, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to remove the dry soil.

Next, our VacAway cleaning agent is applied to the carpet to emulsify most remaining dirt, grease and stains.

Then, the Conqueror is used in conjunction  with specially designed, absorbent, rotating cleaning pads that spin, agitate,  massage, and DEEP CLEAN the carpet fibers. The machines orbital, oscillating movement performs thousands of random short strokes per minute causing carpet fibers to separate and allow dirt, grease and soil to be rapidly absorbed into the special cleaning pads.

The orbital, oscillating movement of the Conqueror causes it to reach straight down into the carpet, allowing all sides of the fibers to be cleaned from the top down to the backing.  This very thorough cleaning of each fiber is achieved using a minimum amount of moisture and insures both rapid drying and a complete cleaning of each fiber.

After cleaning, the carpet is raked, brushed or re-vacuumed to groom the nap and leave it standing upright and beautiful.  A minute amount of VacAway is left on each fiber, to encapsulate any possible remaining dirt as the carpet dries.

The OLM process leaves a small component of VacAway on each fiber that is actually a NEW anti-resoil polymer that resists soil and helps your carpet to stay cleaner longer.  It is simply the most effective cleaning system to date!

The Cleaner Images OLM  system is the Only Carpet Cleaning method in the world that Deep Cleans, Orbitally Massages, Rejuvenates and Imparts Soil Resistance to your CarpetAll In  One Process!

The Benefits To You

  • Safe and Non-toxic for Children & Pets

  • Removes Most Stubborn Spots and Stains

  • No Hidden or Surprise Charges When Presented the Bill

  • No Reappearing Stains

  • No Sticky Residue to Attract Dirt

  • Very Convenient  and Quick Drying

  • No Hoses Dragged Through Home or Across Lawn

  • No Doors Left Open During Cleaning (No bugs - No loss of Air
    Conditioning or Heat)

  • No EXCESS Water Left in Your Carpet or Padding

  • Carpet Stays Cleaner Longer

  • No danger of Mold or Mildew

  • Economical...Best VALUE for the Money

  • CLEAN CARPET GUARANTEED...The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever or its FREE


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Cleaning Fine Carpet and Fabrics since 1986